A selection of my most recent projects. As you can see, every project is about more than simply throwing up a website. I work with you analyse the aims and opportunities of your online strategy, then work to tailor the solution that will best achieve those aims.

The lightworks Brixton

Commercial Photography Studio, London

Like many businesses, The Lightworks were mainly looking for one thing: more clients! We began with an SEO analysis to identify the search terms that most potential customers were using to find their services, and a competitor analysis to see what terms similar studios were optimising for. This allowed us to best understand the studio's online niche and to optimise the site for the search terms that were well-served by the studio's existing services, but were also popular and had the least competition.

For a business specialising in visual imagery it's obviously essential that their own site is visually impressive. We opted for full-screen landing images on every page, working with the in-house photographer to create suitable shots, and created several galleries, each for different search niches, to show off the studio's past work.

As a local business it is also essential that the studio appears on Google Maps and on local Google searches, so we created a Google My Business page to ensure these aims.

Humaira Ali

Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate, Bermondsey, London

Following the resignation of the incumbent parliamentary candidate for Bermondsey and Old Southwark, councillor Humaira Ali contested the role. To win, she would need to get the most votes of an electorate of around 600 local party members, against two more experienced candidates

Everyone able to cast a vote was likely to take the time to investigate the candidates, giving us a 'captive audience' which allowed us to structure the site in a way we wouldn't have done for a typical web audience. Since she had an extremely strong campaign video we decided the video would play automatically and full-screen to each visitor on landing, requiring user testing to ensure visitors were aware they were on a website and not just a video. After launch we also used analytics and user recording to ensure visitors were using the site in the way we intended.

Humaira's campaign was a success and she is the current Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Bermondsey and Old Southwark.

Joseph Manta

Holistic Therapist, Rhône Valley, France

Joseph was one of several French clients I had whilst living in the Rhone Valley. He didn't have a site but wanted to profit from the opportunities the web presented to find new clients and offer his services to a wider audience. We worked on the design to find the right balance that was neither too medical nor too New Age, suggesting calm, healing and hope. All the pages can be modified and edited directly by Joseph, so he can constantly tweak information on his services.

Joseph likes writing and was keen to write a blog to share his knowledge with the world. A blog or 'content marketing' is also a great way to encourage others to share your site and improve its Google ranking by inbound links. To further improve his outreach and customer retention we created a matching Facebook page with links to and from the website, to better allow his followers to keep in touch with his news and articles.